View a new perspective on life and the human spirit. Experience the emotion of a mother/artist.
"Whimsical Child"
47 X 33 inches Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
The Proud father
experiencing the
beauty of his
child and of life.
The sun blesses
them with a
joyful feeling.
Love fills the air.
This should be a
good day!
Kim C. Dean ~ Florida -  All Rights Reserved ~ Copyright 2001-20013
She knew
her two
young souls
felt safe.
"The Two Suns"     25" x 38"  Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  
"Her Stick Dance" 12 x 24  SOLD
"Simply Stick Fabulous"18 X 36 SOLD
"Simply Stick Crazy"  12 x 24 SOLD
"Sweet Smell Of Chaos"  5ft x 7ft  Canvas/Ink/Acrylic sold
Bird Dreams  18 x 24 Canvas/Ink/Acrylic  sold
"Chalkboard Fun" 24 x 48 St Barnabas Teacher Class Project/Gift
Birth  36 x 48 Acrylic/Ink Canvas 2008 sold
Confused Soul 19 x 24 Ink/Acrylic/Bristol Board 2008 sold
Sweet Gals 19 x 24 Acrylic/Ink Bristol Board 2008 sold
Trinity 29 x 24 Canvas Board 2008
Deep Love 19 x 24 Canvas Board 2008 sold
Prelude To Love - 19 x 24 Ink 2009 sold
"For success in Science and Art a dash of Autism is Essential" - Hans Asperger
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Lascivious - 5 ft x 4 ft Canvas 2009
Untitled Abstract - 18 x 24 Canvas Board - 2011
View a new perspective on life and the human spirit. Experience the emotion of a mother/artist

"Kim Dean, a native of Orlando Florida, describes her work as objective and non-objective modern
abstract. Her inspiration comes directly from her family and depicts the close relationship she shares
with her husband and children. She paints about what she knows best and that warmth and energy quickly
comes through her work. Kim is fascinated with the human form and motivated by her life's experiences.
Her work has been described as playful and child like, showing her inner child at play. Her children are
her muses and with out them, Kim feels her work would lack love, passion, spirituality, empathy and
substance. In recent years, Kim's  work has touched a more mature nature, depicting the important growth
process and journey many artist take, as years past. "

Recent Solo Exhibitions and Performances :
2002-20013  On-line galleries
2013 Gallery On The Edge College Park, Fl.
2013 Karma LiquidLounge Sanford, Fl.
2003-20013 A Taste For Wine, JJ Watts Gallery St. Pete FL.
2003 The Red Door Gallery N.C.
2003-2004 Twist Studio Edgewater Fl.
Recent Collectives Exhibitions and Performances:
2002-2008 On-line galleries
2007 St.Baranbas School Fundraiser & Silent Auction Deland, Fl.
2005 Mary Woodward Elementary School Annual Fundraiser -Fiesta Dinner/Dancing Live & Silent
Auction Willsonville,
Oregon 2005 ABWA and NOTF Annual Art Auction Deland Museum of Art FL.
2004/05 AGR Gallery St. Pete Fl. 2004 Bohemian Bubba’s and Babe’s Ball Fundraiser/Auction Tampa FL.
2003 Tampa General Hospital Pediatric Unit Tampa FL
2003 The Wave Gallery, Key West Fl.
2003/04 Gallery 142 Deland FL.
2003 Glitz and Stixs Celebrity Fundraiser Tampa FL.
2003 Geneva Fundraiser and Auction Deland FL
2003 Magical Nights Orlando FL.
Friendships - 18x24 - Canvas - 2013
Stick People Collection - Simply Original
Commissions always welcomed!
Kim C. Dean
Copyright All Rights Reserved
Blooming Buds - 9x12 Canvas board - 2013
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